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Ring Box

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A Ring Box is a cost effective box for smaller items and short items.  Our Ring Box consists of a 2 inch dimensional lumber wall with a 2 inch deck and 4 x 4 runners.  The top is a 3/8 inch plywood top with cleating to provide additional support.  Ring Boxes are available in varying lengths and widths, but the internal height is only available in 3.5 inches, 5.25 inches, 7.25 inches and 9.25 inches.  For internal heights greater than this a standard cleated box should be used.

  • All boxes are ISPM 15 compliant and stamped for international shipping compliance
  • Ring Boxes are suitable for items up to 2500 pounds (contact us for product exceeding 2500 lbs)
  • Stacking limitations include 
    • 1000 lb+ limit to 2 high stacking
    • 500-999 lbs can be stacked 3 high
    • 1-499 lbs can be stacked 4 high
  • Boxes will be delivered assembled with a loose top.  Purchaser is responsible for the securement and nails for the top of the box.
  • Wood is a naturally occurring product and some imperfections, knots and variation is to be expected.  Box dimensions can vary by up to 1/8 of an inch.
  • All product will be shipped within 7 working days of the order
  • The outside dimensions for a box will typically exceed the internal dimensions for the box by 3 inches on the length, 3 inches on the width and 6.5 inches on the height
All our boxes are ordered by the internal dimensions (ID) of the box.  In order to properly determine the internal dimensions required, measure the product to be packaged at the widest length, the widest width (at a 90 degree angle to the widest length), as well as the height from the bottom of the piece to the highest point.  It is customary to add at least an inch on each side of the product to allow for loading, small measurement errors and securement of the product (ie. If the product to be packaged was 36 inches long the ID of the box ordered would be 38 inches for that dimension).  A wood box provides a high level of protection, but any product to be shipped in a box should be secured with banding, strapping, dunnage or blocking to prevent shifting and product damage in transit.